How to book Cheap Flights Nepal?

November 24, 2018
Cheap Flight Tickets

How to book Cheap Flights Nepal?

For any tourists, not only the tour destination, place to stay and eat is central in budgeting, but also the air fare. Flight tickets plays a major role in tour budgeting. Sometimes we come to the point to cancel our tour due to expensive flights. I have been through this a lots of time. Instead of being a fun operation, this work leads us to disappointment. Moreover, thousands of search engines, social media promos,  etc lead us to confusion. Here , i am going to share you some of my learned ideas to find outstanding Cheap Flight deals Nepal as below.

I. Travel agents can be your reliable friends

My top secret is to make travel agent a friend. This trick is still working for me. In fact, travel agents are not there to pull your money. They are there to guide us in our full operation. They may have good deals with airlines and can offer you the cheapest deals that you can never find online.

II. Searching flight deals in private with incognito window

Browsing in incognito window erase the  search history and dump any tracking cookies that affects the search result.

This is also an added benefit in having a travel agent friend. here is a link on how to open incognito

IV. Budget Flights

There are lots of budget airlines available these days that offers substantially cheapest deals. Sadly, you have to compromise things like legroom , snacks, drinks and so on.

V. Breaking the Journey

Sometimes it is cheaper to book separate flight to Delhi and Delhi to Dubai, than to book direct flight to Dubai from Kathmandu.

VI. Re-scheduling the Journey

Some weekdays, Some months , some seasons are expensive than other. For example, flights to New York from Kathmandu may be very expensive in Christmas time. In such case, it worth being flexible in travel date.