Cheap Flight Tickets In Nepal

November 28, 2018
Cheap Flight Tickets

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world. It is small but rich in natural beauties. You will be spell bound by the mesmerizing beauty of Nepal once you reached here. Nepal is the country which most of the income depends upon the revenue collected by tourism. Nepalese government has also taken one step ahead for the development of tourism.

Know About Cheap Flight Tickets In Nepal

If you are travelling from air then you must be looking for the cheapest flights  tickets in Nepal. Every one who is travelling look for the cheapest air ticket so that they can save some money and expend it on some another purpose like shopping, food, travel etc.

Air cost is the biggest headache for everyone because finding the cheap flight is just like finding the right destination, good travel company, right back pack and the right place to stay. Therefore, if the flight is too expensive then you can’t travel anywhere.

Everyday the airlines have many deals like mistakenly published fares , special promotion fares to compete other airlines etc. It’s the trick for luring the travelers. You can easily find the cheap fare if you follow some steps given,

  • Don’t trust myths

There are many misconceptions regarding the cheapest flight tickets in Nepal. There are myths on online, most of them are fake. Don’t trust any kind of myths blindly.

  • No time limit

There is no exact time limit like we have misconception that air ticket is cheapest on tuesday and searching incognito leads to cheaper ticket. There is no any kind of specific time and date for booking the airfare ticket.

  • Can’t predict airline prices

We cannot predict airlines prices and websites because it is probably wrong guess because airlines used different kind of advanced pricing  method to determine prices and run offers  on time of year if the passenger demand, weather, events or festivals etc. But those tricks won’t work anymore because they  use the system which are too much smart.

  • Be Flexible with your travel dates and plans

If you are flexible with your travel plans then you can get cheap flights tickets in Nepal. Flight Ticket price may vary in the festivals like Dashain, Tihar, new year, Ed etc.  Every one wants to travel in this occasion and meet their loves ones, relatives etc. So there may be crowd of passengers and ticket price may cost more.

  • Fly off season

If you fly in off season then there may be chances of getting the cheap flight tickets in Nepal. Off season like middle of the week, not in weekend because most of the people fly for holidays in the weekend so there may be huge price difference in the fare of airlines. Here in Nepal. flight may also get cheaper if you travel first hour of morning or late night flights then the tickets rate may get cheaper as in other time. The difference of one day means you can save hundred rupees. Airlines know when there is festival event, holiday, school break etc .is coming and they will raise there price accordingly. Therefore, be flexible so that you will travel on the cheapest rate ever.

  • Fly In budget airlines

Before there was only one or two airlines from which we can travel where you are stuck between expensive airlines tickets. But now it’s no longer a problem because there are many budget airlines in Nepal which will take flight in the most cheapest rate then the traditional expensive airlines. Today there are may airline company in Nepal which will take you to your destiny in cheaper rate.  Therefore if you want to travel in cheapest rate in Nepal then you can fly through budget airlines with multiple choices.

  • Take a transit

If you are not  flexible on date and time then be flexible with the route you travel then also you can save your money. There are so many budget airlines in the world which will take you as a budget flight to Nepal. For this you have to google the flights and type in the destination place price and nearby airports.

  • Book early but not too early

It is the best idea to book the ticket early before you travel but not too early. The best time to book the flight ticket is six or eight week before your departure, or around three months before if you are going on peak season. Airline fares keep rising closer you get to departure, but you will find a way because airlines always finds a way which will keep lower or higher price according to the demand.

  • At Last

Above given are the tips which may make you ease in booking the cheapest air tickets in Nepal. You will always get an amazing deal which will save your time and stress and also avoid being the person who paid the most for the air tickets.